A fast world requires the deep anchor of purpose.

Invencion works with ambitious leaders to discover what makes your organization special, articulate your purpose and develop the ideas, systems and principles you need to create sustainable advantage for a fast world.


We help clients

Find truth

Seek out and then articulate the impossible to copy truths that are central to your organizations beliefs, culture, capabilities, strategy and history.


See opportunity

Spot the white-space opportunities that uniquely connect your purpose to what people and society need.


Cut through

Use your truths to amplify impact within your experiences, innovations and communications, to create meaning and sustainable advantage for a fast world.


Brands we've worked with

How we work

Deeply curious

Discover what is special, isolate what really matters, and make the non-obvious connections that you need to stand out.


Disarm the status-quo


Run counter to the forces of commoditization to change the rules of the game.


No nonsense

Cut-through, get to the point, and only focus on the things that will have the biggest impact on your success.


How we think

What we do


- Vision articulation
- Purpose development
- Leadership alignment
- Leadership narrative
- Opportunity identification
- Customer insights
- Product positioning
- Brand architecture
- Brand manifesto
- Brand voice
- Naming strategy
- Messaging strategy


- Experience alignment
- Customer journey mapping
- Experience principles
- Employee experience
- Design strategy
- Experience innovation


Some of the things we've done

Nextgen transformation

Invencion helped a famed technical publisher navigate two consecutive business transformations that shifted their business from passive publisher to an active learning partner for companies seeking to up-skill their workforce for success in a new economy.

We helped define purpose, identify opportunity, re-engineer the brand, and worked alongside the internal leadership team to guide external partners in presenting a new and more meaningful experience to the world.


Activatng purpose

Invencion helped a vibrant non-profit organization identify the building blocks of purpose from which they could guide a widely distributed and diverse community through a process of review, commentary, approval and application.

This now serves as the core foundation of their activities and strategic direction.


Crystallizing what's already special

Invencion worked with one of the world's most iconic sporting tournaments to precisely articulate what was already special, so they could build a platform for ongoing sustainable success and innovation.

We helped give voice to their purpose and ideals, and to build a decision making framework that is now being used to help a new generation of employees and partners make more of the right decisions, more often.


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